World Cup Friendlies – Russia 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 FriendliesIn the run up to the 2018 a number of friendlies shave already been played and a number are due to take up i the next 2 months. Take a look at all the friendlies taking place as warm-up matches for the 2018 World Cup.

Below you will find a list of all the friendlies taking place in the run up to the 2018 World Cup. These matches will be used as a warm up to the big event taking place in just a few months.

The list only includes teams that qualified for the 2018 world cup.

England have two friendlies, they will play Nigeria (2nd June), and Costa Rica (7th June).

World Cup Friendlies – Schedule
18th May
Iran vs Uzbekistan (15.00)

26th May
Kuwait vs Egypt (15.00)

28th May
Iran vs Turkey (15.00)
South Korea vs Honduras (15.00)
Mexico vs Wales (19.45)
France vs Republic of Ireland (20.00)
Italy vs Saudi Arabia (20.00)
Nigeria vs DR Congo (20.00)
Portugal vs Tunisia (21.00)

29th May
Panama vs Northern Ireland (20.45)
Peru vs Scotland (21.00)

30th May
Austria vs Russia (19.45)

31st May
Luxembourg vs Senegal (16.00)

1st June
South Korea vs Bosnia-Herzegovina (15.00)
France vs Italy (20.00)

2nd June
England vs Nigeria (17.15)
Sweden vs Denmark (18.45)
Austria vs Germany (20.00)
Belgium vs Portugal (20.00)
Iceland vs Norway (21.00)
Mexico vs Scotland (21.00)

3rd June
Saudi Arabia vs Peru (20.00)
Spain vs Switzerland (20.00)
Costa Rica vs Northern Ireland (20.45)

5th June
Russia vs Turkey (20.00)

6th June
Belgium vs Egypt (19.00)
Norway vs Panama (19.00)
Czech Republic vs Nigeria (20.00)

7th June
South Korea vs Bolivia (15.00)
England vs Costa Rica (20.00)
Portugal vs Algeria (21.00)

8th June
Uruguay vs Uzbekistan (00.00)
Croatia vs Senegal (15.00)
Iran vs Lithuania (15.00)
Germany vs Saudi Arabia (18.30)
Poland vs Chile (19.45)
Switzerland vs Japan (20.00)

9th June
Sweden vs Peru (19.15)
Denmark vs Mexico (20.00)
France vs USA (20.00)
Spain vs Tunisia (20.00)

11th June
Belgium vs Costa Rica (19.00)
South Korea vs Senegal (20.00)

12th June
Poland vs Lithuania (17.00)
Paraguay vs Japan (23.00)

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