2018 World Cup Accumulators – Betting Offers & Tips

World Cup AccumulatorsWhere To Place Your 2018 World Cup Accumulators?
When it comes to football betting there is nothing more exciting than accumulators, acca’s can be equally fun and fickle things. Multiples can be tough crack, but if you can then the returns can be huge. Placing your World Cup accumulator bets with the right bookie can make or break the returns you get.

World Cup Acca Betting Offers

Cash Out Accumulators
Bookmakers like bet365 and Betfair offer you the chance to cash out on accumulators. This is important to consider because imagine you have built a sixfold acca on the World Cup group stage and five of the legs have come home and you stand to win a packet from the multiple, if the final leg goes the way you had hoped. However if you let the bet run you run the risk of the final selection ruining your potential winnings. With the cash out option available at select bookies you can take your winnings and then it doesn’t matter if the final leg doesn’t go your way. But would you win even more money if you let the acca run? That’s where partial cash out becomes your friend. Partial cash out you can cash out half of your bet and lock in some profit and then let the other part of the bet run.

Accumulator Bonuses
A couple of bookmakers offer a bonus on your winning accumulators. In general your accas need to be placed in select markets, so make sure that you read the t&cs so you are not left frustrated when your world cup accumulator comes in. If you’re building an acca in the hope of getting a nice bonus on your winning bet, make sure that you build a winning acca. Your winning acca will be paid out with a nice bonus that is a percentage win bonus. Generally the bigger your acca the bigger your potential bonus.

Accumulator Insurance
Insurance is possibly the best betting offer you can take advantage of when placing world cup accumulators. With this offer you can have a punt on an accumulator at a bookie that offers insurance. A number of bookies offer acca insurance, but Betfair and William Hill offer the best ACCA insurance deals. Place your acca with one of these bookies and you will get your stake back as a free bet (or sometimes cash) should your accumulator lose by just the one leg.

Enhanced ACCAs
A couple of bookies offer enhanced odds on multiples. Placing your accas with a bookie offering better odds has got to be the way to go. Why would you place your bets with a bookie offering lower odds.

Betting Tips for your World Cup Accumulators

Knowledge of the above World Cup acca betting offers will be the best World Cup Acca betting tips you get in the run up to Russia 2018.

Also is worth noting that placing accas during the group stages will be a bit easier than placing the during the knockout matches. This is because the knockout matches are usually harder to call so the stakes get a lot higher.

Place small accumulators that are guaranteed, lock is some returns. The bigger your acca the more chance it has of going wrong. Don’t get blinded by odds. If you have built a nice fourfold for yourself at decent odds, don’t then start thinking, “maybe if I add one or two more what those odds go through the roof.”

As the bookies formalise there World Cup betting offers we will provide a full list of bookies and their promotions that you can make use of for your World Cup ACCAs.