Understanding the Cash Out Option

A number of bookies offer the superb betting feature called Cash Out. This awesome cash out feature allows you to get your money back on your bet before the event is finished. The amount of money you get back depends when you hit the cash out button and the likelihood of your bet winning at that time. The amount you get back could be more or less than your initial stake.

The cash out option is usually available during in-play (live or in-running) betting. For example you might place a bet on the football when it has already kicked off or place a bet on the horse racing when the race has started.

The availability of the cash out option and the quality of the cash out feature varies from bookmaker to bookmaker.

Live sports betting markets are volatile, especially near the end of the fixture so the availability of the cash out feature can vary somewhat. The bookmaker can withdraw the cash out option at any moment during an event.

Due to the volatile nature of the cash out option you should not rely on the cash out option being available. Never place a bet with the pure reason of cashing it back out. A strategy like that might end in tears!

Over the years the cash out option has changed. The number of markets available has increased, partial cash out was introduced and now automatic cash out exists. We’re not sure how the bookies will expand this feature further but we are sure that they will come up with something.

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Important Points to consider when using the Cash Out Feature

  • Cash Out is available on a wide variety markets. The range of markets varies from bookie to bookie.
  • The bookmakers Cash Out icon Image will be displayed for the markets where Cash Out is available.
  • It is not always available.
  • Cash Out amounts are not guaranteed as they are based on the live betting markets where prices are constantly moving. This means you may receive more than indicated, or your Cash Out may be unsuccessful or only partially successful.
  • The cash out option could be removed at any moment
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An example of a Cash Out Offer
Say you place a £10 (€10) bet on the double of Manchester Utd (6/4 or 2.5) and Manchester City (1/2 or 1.5). United win, and the City game is about to kick off. The Cash Out offer shown is £24 (€24). Click Cash Out and you guarantee yourself a profit, even if City lose. The £24 (€24) is returned to your account immediately, without you having to wait for the City game to end.