Partial Cash Out Explained!

partial cash outThe new partial cash out feature allows punters to cash out part of a bet and let the rest of the bet run. It is a great extension of the ‘cash out’ product innovation. The feature allows you to ‘cash out’ a bet before it is resolved allowing you to minimise loses or maximise winnings, the partial cash out feature enables the punter to bank profits on their bet in parts, whilst the rest of the bet runs. It allows you to have the best of both worlds. You don’t have to cash out the whole bet in an all or nothing fashion.

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The great benefit is that you get to lock in some profit by cashing out and watch what’s left of your bet run to completion. It’s always a bit gutting when you cash out on your bet and if you’d only let it run to completion you would have still won. It is a great way to protect yourself by taking some profits and then leaving your bet t run and taking some more profit.

Tip: Use Partial Cash Out option so you get your initial stake back and leave the other part to run – that way you get a risk free bet

Betting Sites with Partial Cash Out

A common question asked by our visitors is which bookmakers offer this option on their betting site and app? Whilst quite a few bookies are now offering the full cash out feature only a few offer the partial function. These bookie give you the opportunity to cash out just part of your bet.


  • Betfair allow you to cash out part of your bet with their new slider feature.
  • Avaialble on football, horse racing, tennis, cricket, golf, basketball & more
  • “Take Stake” – allows you to Cash Out the exact value of your initial stake, providing you with a risk free bet!
  • 50% bonus often offered on cash out winnings
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Paddy Power

  • Cash out 1% to 100% of your original bet.
  • Available on Football, tennis, basketball
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Partially Cashing Out – How Does It Work?

If you want to know what partial cash out is and how it works? Here is our take on it. It was first introduced by Collosus bets in August 2013 and by May 2015 Betfair, Paddy Power and Bet365 had all committed to the extended funcion.

Both full and partial cash out will become an industry standard, just like a free bet when customers open a new customer account. Those who do not offer it will slowly fall behind in terms of punters betting with them and new customers signing up for an account.

The function allows you the punter to lock in profit / or cut any loses simply by pressing a button. This feature works well whether the punter is betting online or via a mobile device and can be utilised on pre-match bets and in-play. Cash out can also be used on singles and multiples. The feature is very flexible and has pro’s and cons for the punter and the bookie. Whilst the feature is limited at the moment the feature can only be enhanced in the future.

Whilst the feature has been employed in Football, Tennis, Horse Racing, Cricket and Basketball (this varies from bookmaker to bookmaker) the range of sports in the future can only increase.

The advantage of the featureis that once you have decided to partially cash out part of your bet you can, and banking profits for the part of the bet you have cashed out you can then go on to cash out on the same bet a 2nd, a 3rd or even a 4th time.

The pro’s of the cash out feature for the punter are that they can cash out their bet in full or partially cash out and lock in profits on there bet. It’s a great to use to cut your losses. You might have placed a pre match bet on a football match that is not going the way you had predicted. The team you had backed to win have gone down 1-0 at half time and are playing really bad and the team is down to 11 men. You don’t see any hope for your bet and don’t want to lose all of your potential profit, bit there is an inkling of a chance that your team will score 2 goals in the second half. With the option you can cash out a bit of the bet, minimising the full loss and leave the remaining bit of the bet to run in case your team manage to get two goals and win the match and you make some profit.

The cons of course are that the bookies make even more of a profit on your bet that they would normally. The bookies are in the business to make a profit, it’s called the VIG or Juice. In sports betting the VIG is 10%. It;s the difference between what is wagered and what is won. It offers the bookies a second revenue stream and VIG is added to the cash out price. So essentially as a player you get a smaller profit, due to this VIG – but you have cash out, made a profit on a bet that would have otherwise lost.

When you are looking to partially cash out on a bet, ask yourself if you are just nervous about the bet. Most punters feel nervous in the latter stages of the game if there team are holding a slender lead. Are you happy just to take some profit or would you like to take all the profit.

Partial cash out allows you to do both, take some of your profit and leave the rest to run until the end and you can make even more profit.

A full list of bookies that offer cash out can be found here: Cash Out Betting Sites