How To Edit an Accumulator using the New Cash Out Option?

The ability to Edit your Accumulator is being brought to us by just a couple of bookies at the minute. We expect more and more bookies that offer the cash out function to start introducing customers with the ability to edit your accumulator. The current bookies who offer customers the oportunity to edit your accumulator bets can be found here: Bookies Offering Edit my Accumulator.

Although you need to check with each bookie for the exact way to edit your accumulator, below is a quick overview of how to edit your accumulator.

  • To Edit your Accumulator you will first have had to place an accumulator bet with your bookie of choice.
  • The accumulator will need to be active, either pre-play or in-play. The function allows you to replace your existing accumulator bet with a new bet.
  • In principle what happens is that you cash out on your current accumulator and place a new accumulator.
  • The sums returned from settling you first accumulator will then be used as the stake for your replacement accumulator.
  • The function is generally available for ACCA’s that comprise of single line multiple bets coprised solely from sports markets where the cash out function is available.

As with the cash out option it is not aways available, and the bookies reserve the right to amend, suspend or remove the edit accumulator function, they also will not will not be responsible if the function is not working due technical reasons.

Just like cash out, there will be some advantages and disadvantages. One we can think of is that any ACCA bonuses or ACCA insurance will probably be void if you edit your accumulator. But that’s no biggie as we consider this an excellent substitution to ACCA insurance. Not all bookies offer ACCA insurance, or it is only available on limited accumulators so this new edit your accumulator functions is actually much better.

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