How to Download Betting Apps onto Android Phones?

Android Betting AppsUntil recently betting apps were not allowed in the Google Play store, so downloading a betting app onto an Android device was a little more complicated than it needed to be. Prior to betting apps being allowed in the Google Play store sports bettors had to visit the bookmaker and locate the Android APK file to download. Whilst downloading the APK file is simple enough, finding the APK file on the bookmakers mobile site was a little more tricky. Sports bettors relied on sites like to reveal where the bookies Android app could be located.

Whilst sports bettors can now find the Android App they are looking for in the Google Play store it can still be worth while using review sites in order to discover who has the best android betting app and what free bets you can acquire.

3 Ways to Download Betting Apps onto Android Phones

There are a few ways sports bettors can install a betting app on to their Android Phone and we look at these ways below.

1. Download Android Betting App from Review Site
Review sites are in our opinion are the best way to get a betting app for Android devices. This is simply because you can peruse the different Android betting apps and choose one based on your betting needs. If you see a betting app advertised on the television and download the app straight away you may discover that it has been a waste of time, the betting app might be useless for Android or it may not deliver what you need in a betting app. You can also find out which betting app has the best free bet offer for android users. Take a look at the best android betting apps over on our dedicated page.

2. Download Android Betting App from Bookmaker’s Mobile Site
The next best way to download an Android betting app is to go straight to the Bookies site. If you go to the bookies mobile site on your Android device, it is usual these days for the bookmaker to have a link at the top or the bottom of their mobile site that will allow you to install their app straight onto your mobile phone. If your phone is elsewhere when you decide you would like to locate the bookies app, simply head to the bookies online site via you desktop computer or laptop. Many of the bookies have a page about their mobile site and apps. From this page you can use the QR code or enter your phone number and the bookie will text you a link to download their android app.

3. Download Android Betting App from the Google Play Store
The final way to download a betting app for your android phone is to head over to the google play store, if you know which bookies app you would like to download you can enter the bookies name into the search bar. Search will reveal the app and you can press the download button. If you have no idea which bookies app you would like to install you can search for sports betting apps and it will reveal a long list of bookmaker sports betting apps. You can take a quick look at the ratings the app gets and download a sports betting app on to your Android.


In summary since the Play store allowed betting apps it is easier for punters to find the sports betting app of their choice if they know what app they are looking for. It is also easier for bookies to distribute there android app to it’s customers.

If a sports bettor would like an independent review of all android betting apps or would like to know which betting apps has the best free bet they are best using a review site like ours.