How the European Qualifiers for UEFA EURO 2020 Work

Euro 2020 QualifiersTwenty sides will earn their place in the Euro 2020 finals tournament via qualifying groups. Four teams will come via a new play-off system, the UEFA Nations League. The 2020 edition is slightly different to other years as there are 12 host nations instead of just one as it’s the 60th birthday celebrations for the competition.

Qualifying for UEFA EURO 2020 remains largely the same (with 24 finalists in all), although the European Qualifiers started later than normal and no team will gain automatic qualification as hosts (there are 12 host nations in all). There will be the normal qualifying group stage, this will determine 20 of the teams which will make the final tournament in 2020, he remaining four teams will be determined in the play-offs which is kind of like a separate competition with

Qualifying Group Stage

The 24 teams that will compete in Euro 2020 will be determined during the qualifying stages. The 55 teams are going to be split into ten groups of five or six. Four of the five groups will contain one of the UEFA Nations League Finals teams (England, Portugal, Netherlands and Switzerland). The top two from each group qualify for the final tournament, determining the first 20 places.

Play Offs
Will take place in March 2020 and will determine the last four places. 16 nations will play in the play-offs for the remaining four spots.

The 16 teams will be determined based on their UEFA Nations League standings. So essentially all 55 nations have a second chance to grab one of the four EURO 2020 places.

The 20 teams that have already qualified via the qualifiers will be removed from the groups with the remaining top four teams from each of the UEFA Nations league competition going forward to the play-offs. If a division doesn’t have four teams remaining, the extra teams will come from the division below.

Each league will then play a mini tournament and will feature two single-leg semi-finals and one single-leg final, drawn on 22 November 2019, played in single venues from 26–31 March 2020. The winner of each path will win a ticket to UEFA EURO 2020.

European Qualifiers Timetable

  • 21–26 March, 7–8 & 10–11 June, 5–10 September, 10–15 October & 14–19 November 2019: European Qualifiers group stage (ten matchdays)
  • 22 November 2019: European Qualifiers play-off draw
  • 30 November 2019: UEFA EURO 2020 final tournament draw, Bucharest
  • 26–31 March 2020: European Qualifiers play-offs
  • 1 April 2020: Additional final tournament draw if required

The Euro 2020 tournament real will kick off on the 12th June and the final will take place on the 12th July 2020.