World Cup Betting: England Goalkeeper Odds

England Goal Keeper OddsAn important part of England’s squad are the goal keepers. With the World Cup just around the corner there is a big debate surrounding which goal keepers make the 2018 World Cup squad. If you are looking for England Goal Keeper odds? We are happy to reveal the latest England Goal Keeper Odds ahead of the World Cup.

When it comes to this years World Cup, Gareth Southgate has some decision to make. With only 3 goal keeper spaces on the plane and 4 goal keepers in the squad. Does he take Joe Hart, Jordan Pickford, Jack Butland or Nick Pope?

England Goal Keeper Odds

The bookies (on the 26th April) have Jack Butland 1/25, Jordon Pickford 1/33 as definitely making the World Cup squad, but it looks to be a close call between Joe Hart and Nick Pope who are priced at 4/9 and 7/4 respectively.

There have been some negative comments about Joe Hart, who has been in the Squad for the last 6 years but with the experience he has, can Southgate afford to leave him out of the team?

It is looking as though it will be Butland, Pickford and Hart that make the grade but Southgate has until the 6th June to make his final decision.

England Goal Keeper Odds (odds correct 26th April 2018)
Jack Butland 1/25
Jordan Pickford 1/33
Joe Hart 4/9
Nick Pope 7/4

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All odds are based on the price available at bet365 on the 26th April 2018

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