Betting Apps With Cash Out

betting apps with cash outCash Out, the betting feature that lets you ‘get out of your bet’ before it is resolved. Download the best betting apps with cash out

Do like to bet in play? Do you want to be able to maximise your profit? Do you want to be able to cash out if you start to get a little nervous? The Cash Out feature was introduced a couple of years back by online and mobile bookies could be the feature just for you.

Whilst Betfair were one of the first bookies to introduce cash out to their betting app a number of bookies have now introduced the cash out feature in some form or other. As more and more bookies introduce the cash out product it is set to become an industry standard feature like in-play betting.

Cash out was originally only available on football bets and a small number of other sports, it is now available on oodles of sports including horse racing bets.

This creative feature first introduced as a tool that let you cash out your whole bet (full cash out) has now been extended by some bookies to include

  • a wider range of markets
  • partial cash out
  • automatic cash out

This ingenious product keeps you entertained and engaged after you have placed your bet and can be used on both pre-match and in-play bets. It allows you to lock your profits in or cut your losses with a simple tap of a button.

The best betting apps with cash out features are detailed below.

Top Rated Betting Apps with Cash Out

The original cash out feature!

  • Full and Partial Cash Out
  • Available on a huge range of sports
  • Singles and Multiples Sportsbook bets (including Horse Racing Multiples)
  • Match Odds markets: Football, Tennis, Cricket, NFL, NBA, Darts, Snooker & Rugby Union
  • Winner markets: Premier League, Formula 1, and Golf
  • Additional Football markets: Correct Score, Over/Under 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 Goals and To Qualify
  • Desktop and Mobile
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bet365 have cash out! It’s our favourite cash out feature. bet365’s cash out feature offered us the most opportunities and choice of how we wanted to cash out. We found that we were able to either fully or partially cash out our single or accumulator bets. We could also set certain criteria so that we could have our bet automatically cash out. This was a great feature as it meant we could go out and leave our bet running, safe in the knowledge that it would automatically cash us out if the bet went our way. We were able to use the cash out on a full range of sporting events both pre-match and in-play.

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Paddy Power
Cash out at Paddy Power is available for

  • Full and Partial
  • Selected Football Win Draw Win and Outright Markets
  • Single bets
  • Pre-match and in-play bets.
  • Desktop, iPhone, Android and tablet
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More Betting Apps with Cash Out

The bookies all offer cash out in some form, although the availability may be limited in form.

William Hill Mobile
Just waiting on one more result to come in for the big win but don’t fancy your chances? Then start taking control of your accumulators with ‘Cash In My Bet’ at William Hill.

  • Single and multiple football bets
  • Pre-match and in-play
  • Match Betting (90 minute) markets for most pre-match and in-play football.
  • Other selected in-play markets are also available (at the discretion of William Hill)
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  • Cash out at 888sport is called ‘Cash In’ and is available to desktop and mobile users!
  • Available on selected markets
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What is Cash Out?

Cash out is another excellent feature which was added to complement in-play or live betting. Cash out offers are made in real time prior to the end result being known. The feature allows punters to get their money back prior to the game ending. The feature is useful to punters who think the match s going to take a turn for the worst, and they predict that their winning bet will quickly become a losing bet.

The cash out option is not always available and can disappear part way through your bet. The cash out feature being available depends on what is happening in the game. In-play markets are volatile, as the chances of a bet winning become more or less probable, and the cash out option decreases and increases in response. Due to these fluctuations it can be difficult to predict how much you will receive if you do cash out. In these instances it is good to use a bookie who have a cash out tool so you can see what you will receive if you cash out.

How the Cash Out Product Works

How the product works varies from bookmaker to bookmaker but the general concept is the same and is illustrated below.

The cash out products, automatically calculate how much profit you can bank at any given time, meaning that you can react quickly and maximise profits as the action unfolds.

When you see the bookmakers ‘cash out’ or ‘cash in’ symbol, simply hit the button and you will be able to see how much your bet is worth if you close out of the bet at that point in time.

The amount offered will depend on how the selection(s) of your bet are performing and could be of a higher or lower value than your original stake.

For instance,

  • a £10 bet placed on Manchester United (1/1), Aston Villa (2/1) and Chelsea (6/4) would have the potential to return £150 if all three teams won.
  • If all three were winning 1-0 with 5 minutes left to play, a cash out value could be offered for £135. If you cashed out your bet at this point, you would return £135.
  • If after you have cashed out the bet – Manchester United concede an equaliser, you would not be affected and would keep your £135.

Choose from the list of betting apps above, start cashing out on your pre-match or in-play bets in order to maximise your profits and cut your loses.

How do you Calculate Cash Out?

The bookies use uses clever algorithms to work out the relative value of your bet at the time you wish to Cash Out. The Cash Out offer considers several factors including the price of your selection(s) in your original bet, the current price of your selection(s) and the current event(s) status. The algorithm will also take into account the amount you staked.

Due to your bet being unique to your bet, event and/or the selection and the prices during the event it is important to remember that your Cash Out Value will change during the event as the Market odds increase and decrease.

It is also important to remember that the bookie can suspend the cash out feature at any point during the event. So it’s a good idea not to place a bet and be relying on the cash out option.

Why do Bookies Offer the Cash Out Option?

This feature gives punters the opportnity to minimise their loss – which is great for the punter. In some cases some punters will cash out and take less profit than they stand to make. Punters love the feature as it helps with their nerves and minimises loss. Punters who use the cash out option get added security and a bit more fun out of their bet. Cashing out on a bet can add a whole new layer of excitement.

Live and in-play betting is extremely popular and the cash out feature complements this feature. Bookies not offering cash out may have to rethink the tools available on their apps soon, otherwise they may lose customers.

Changes to the Cash Out Feature over the Years

Since the Cash Out feature was introduced the bookies have made a number of improvements to the option.

They first increased the number of available markets that customer could cash out on. Initially punters could only cash out on football, but the number of sports has increased to include horse racing and other sports.

Initially if you anted to cash out a bet, the entire bet had to be cashed out, but now you have the opportunity to partially cash out a bet and leave the rest to run – find out more about partial cash out.

It is now possible to automatically cash out of your bet, you can go out for the day safe in the knowledge that you bet will cash out if certain criteria are met – discover more about automatic cash out.

Is The Cash Out Feature Popular?

Cash Out is incredibly popular with well over 1m transactions made at Betfair. It adds a whole new dimension to in-play betting and is incredibly easy to use.

The cash out tool, automatically calculates how much profit you can bank at any given time, meaning that punters can react quickly and maximise profits as the action unfolds. 20% of Betfair’s football customers are using cash out, this number can only rise in the future as the tool becomes more popular. The tool allows customers to trade in play and secure profit. Data showing that the most popular time to ‘Cash Out’ in football is the 80th minute of a match.

The bookmakers have been developing new ways to extend the cash out feature – so it must be very popular among punters that like to be on football and other sports.

Bookmaker Cash Out Apps

Betfair have cash out

bet365 Cash Out

In summary the Cash Out option lets you take profit early if your bet is coming in, or get some of your stake back if your bet is going against you – all before the event you’re betting on is over. … You can Cash Out of bets pre-play, in-play, and between legs. Some bookies allow you to cash out part of your bet and some bookies even allow you to set parameters so that your bet cashes out automatically.