Best Betting App for Corners Betting?

which are the best betting apps for cornersA very popular betting market where you can make a tidy profit is to bet on corners. It’s a bit of a break from just having a wager on who will win the match. This page is all about which bookmaker has the best betting app for corner betting, and the reasons why.

There are a number of variations of the corners market and we will give you some details on those. We also list the most popular betting offers that can be utilised for this bet.

Best Betting App For Corner Betting: bet365

bet365 is consistently rated as one of the top online football betting apps available on Android and iOS. The reason bet365 comes out on top is that in our opinion they offer more ways to bet than most other bookmakers.

bet365When we used the app we found that they offer:

  • A superb range of corners betting options
  • A generous new account offer
  • Very competitive odds
  • More sports betting options that anyone else
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Betting on corners has become very popular on the best football betting apps and many experienced punters have developed a corner betting strategy that they use alongside some superb betting tips. Corner betting can seem a little bizarre to those new to sports betting. However, it can be a brilliant way of boosting profits made from football betting. In order to be successful you do need some knowledge of football and the dynamics of a match.

Basic Info about Corners Betting

There are different types of corner betting on offer at bookmakers. When you first look at the corner bets you can place it can be quite overwhelming. When we looked at bet365’s selection of markets we were quite confused as there are so many.


This is the most basic market offered. Essentially you are betting on the total number of corners that will be won in the match (won by both sides). The limit is often set at 10 corners, and you will bet on whether you think there will be exactly 1o corners, less than 10 or more than 10.

Many ask what does over 1 corner mean in betting? This means that there will be 2 or more corners in the game.

Other markets with corner betting rules applied to them include half-time corners, which is basically the same market as the total number, but the cut off point is at half time.

Total Corners

Similar to above but with this market you have to be a little more precise to pick the winner. Usually you will see five or six options for example

  • Under 6
  • 6 to 8
  • 9 to 11
  • 12 to 14
  • Over 14

The odds for this market are quite generous. This is a good market to have a wager on if you know that the two teams are quite consistent when it comes to winning and conceding corners in their matches.

An alternative wager is first half/ second half corners. Similar to the total corners, you can also bet on how many corners there will be in the first half or in the second half. This is perfect if the teams attack a lot at the start of a game, and then sit back and defend once they have a lead.

Alternative Corners

Alternative corners are special bets that combines two bets that relate to corners. Alternative corners can have various options, including ‘first half corners’, ‘second half corners’ and ‘corners 2 way’. For each, you can choose whether you think the total corners in the game will be over or under a certain amount. A very common question asked is: What does alternative corners mean in betting?

Corners 2-Way

This market is based on the number of corners taken by both teams during the game. Bettors can choose whether the number will be under of over a set number. This market usually ends with a .5 for example under 10.5 or over 10.5. These bet types are usually available for major league matches. If you ever wanted to know what under 10.5 corners mean’t then know you know.

Corner Match Bet

With this market you bet on who will win the most corners in the match. There are 3 options – home, away or tie/draw.

Time Of First Corner

The bookmaker picks a time eg 8 minutes as a cut of. You predict whether the corner will occur before 8 mins or not. for example corner before 8 mins or no corner before 8 mins.

Team Corners

This is similar to the corners 2-way as you are betting on whether there will be under or over a set number of goals. But you are ony doing it for one of the two teams. For example West Ham Over 5.5 or West Ham under 5.5. You can bet on either the home or away team or both.

Corners Race
A fun market where you choose which team will be first win a certain number of corners. For example will Man Utd or Aston Villa be the first to win 3, 5, 7 or 9 corners. You can either bet on team to reach one of the set number or all of them. This market can be quite profitable if you think one team will apply a lot of pressure.

First Match / Last Match

You have a bet on the team you think will win the first match corner or the last corner in the match.

Corner Betting In-Play

As well as having a wager on corners pre-match this market is also available in-play for the bigger matches. If you are betting in-play it is very important to consider the state of the game.

If you think that one team will contribute most of the total number of corners won, but then they go on to take an early lead, they may sit back and push fewer players forward. In this situation they would rack up less corners.

However if a team is chasing the game, they will probably push more players forward, shooting more and putting more balls in the box. This would lead to more corners.

Should you be placing bets on corners during the match, you need to think about more than you pre-match research. This about what has and is happening in the game. As it will have an impact on the rest of the game.

Cash Out on Corners Betting

A number of bookies such as bet365 and Betfair allow you to cash out on your bets. When placing your stake if you see the bookies cash out symbol you will be able to cash out on your corners bets so that you can lock in profit or get out of your bet early.

Corner Betting Strategy / System

Many keen bettors like to formulate separate betting strategies for each of the corners markets. There are a range of factors that do need to be taken into account.

It’s is important to take into account pre-match stats. There are a number of places online that are a great source of information when you are researching ahead of placing a corners bet. A good place to start is the premier leagues stats page.

Another great place to look is the stats located on the bookies own website. bet365, who we suggest above have a superb stats section that can be located via the odds pages for each match.

Use the available data for each fixture and see if you can spot a good betting opportunity.