Best Live In Play Betting Apps & Sites

In Play BettingThis article looks at which betting apps are the best to place in-play bets on. Live betting or in-running as some people call it, is simply a bet that is placed after a football match or other event has started but before the event is finished. These bets have become really popular recently and that’s because you can assess what’s going on using live streams before placing your bet and you can also trade out of it if you wish. Read on to discover which apps are the best for live bets.

bet365 is our top rated app for In Play Bets
The bet365 app is rated number one by us when it comes to In Play betting. When we last checked we found that they offered a huge selection of events for customers bet on whilst the action unfolds. They offers a brilliant new account offer for new customers as well as having a superb range of promotions and betting features that make it super exciting. The app is available on iPhone, iPad, Android and all mobiles.

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Betfair Another Great Live Betting Site
Often referred to as in-running betting at Betfair, they offer a great range of markets and competitive odds for football, horse racing and other sports. They have a free bet offer for new customers and fantastic betting features as well as live streaming. They are in fact one of the bookmakers who are leaders in creating new features and offers. You also have access to the Betfair exchange if you want to lay and back live bets.

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Betting this way allows you to assess what’s going on in the match or event before placing your bet. You can do as much research and reading stats and team form before a game but it can only get you so far. By watching what’s going on in the game you can see how the team are actually performing on the day. Then you can place your bets.

It really became popular after mobile apps were developed. Mobile betting allows you to watch the match live at the ground or via a live stream and place you bets once you see what is going on.

The other great thing about it is that you can trade your position. If your bet is going wrong you can trade out of it. That way you won’t lose (if you do it right).

There are a plethora of markets available including match winner, both teams to score and over/under 2.5 goals. The range just gets bigger and bigger the more popular this form of betting gets. You can also cash out on these bets.

Best In Play Betting Sites & Apps?

The best app offers a comprehensive range of markets along with competitive odds. The app will also allow you to access in depth stats with ease. The app should also offer you the ability to watch the match live (where broadcasting rights allow). It should be simple and easy to see the stats and live stream, and ideally allow you to place the bet within the same screen. As this type of bet need to be placed quickly in some cases, the app needs to run smoothly and make it really simple to navigate. A couple of apps as well as stats and live streams have heat pads so you can see what’s going on even if you can’t watch the match live.

The biggest consideration is does that app allow you to place these bets. The other considerations to think about are highlighted below.

What does Live Betting mean?

It simply means to place a bet whilst the action is unfolding in the game. You can see how the players are performing on the day. If a goal has been scored, a corner is about to be taken and much much more.

How to Win at In-Play Betting?

Thanks to the timely manner with which you can place bet and the tools available to do so winning when you place these bets can be simple. There is no quick guide to how to win every time, but due to the fact that you can cash out of your bets, or reverse your bet you can minimise your loses and maximise your winnings. Having knowledge of the game, the players, the teams and bet choices as well as watching what’s going on in the is the winning formula. Practise as well makes you perfect! Practice with small bets first before you place large sums of money, that way if it does go wrong you won’t end up chasing a bet.

Can You Bet In Play on Other Sports?

There is a huge range of sports that you can make live bets on including football, tennis, darts, basketball, horse racing and gaming. Join a site that’s licensed and regulated by the gambling commission today and for a limited time grab a free bet offer.


The introduction of live betting into the betting industry was a game changer a few years ago. Placing live bets became massively popular overnight. The reason? It offers you so much more fun. Previously when placing a bet you just check team or players statistics, their performance from last matches and then just betting prematch, hope for the best.

Now, you get to watch the match live, watch the teams and players performances online, see what tactics they’re using in realtime. This allows you to place In Play bets with a lot more confidence. There are a number of strategies available to help you win when betting in this way, an another article for the future maybe?