Double Chance Betting Apps

double chance bettingMost bookmakers offer their customers a variety of types of bets as this makes the betting experience more entertaining, and empowers the bettor. Double Chance betting is really popular. With mobile betting getting more and more popular we thought we’d list the best sportsbooks for this type of wager.

bet365 is our preferred Bookmaker for Double Chance Bets
We really do like bet365 as they have a great reputation, they’re an honest online and mobile bookmaker, have a great range of betting features, top odds and are leaders in creating unique betting offers. In our opinion it is a brilliant sportsbook that is brilliant for ALL sports betting wagers, not just Double Chance.
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But first….

What is a Double Chance Bet?

When it comes to outright betting on an event there are three possible options. You can either back the home side or the away team to win, or the match to end in a draw.

The double chance bet increases your chances of winning by combining two of these possible options into a single bet.

Home team and draw – Your bet is a winner if the home side wins or draws the match.
Away team and draw – The bet wins if the away team wins or draws the match.
Home team and away team – A bet is a winner if the home side or the away team wins the match.

This market is popular because it’s often easier to get the correct outcome, especially if you are looking for a possible upset, with the underdog coming on top. This bet covers every possible outcome, excluding the one you think won’y happen. Think of it as covering every possible outcome, but the one you do not think will occur.

It’s perfect to use when you are sure of the team’s overall shape and performance, you know they will do well and will not lose the game, but the game could end in a win or a draw.

If you like to bet but don;t like to take a risk, or if you are a high roller this is a great bet for you. If you are familiar with the cash out option, it could be worth using for this market.

Should you enjoy placing accumulator bets, this is a great market to include in them. You have more chance of your acca’s winning.

How to place them via a Betting App?

It is easy to place these bets via a bookmakers app. Although it does vary from bookie to bookie.

The market are usually positioned among the popular betting markets offered by bookies, usually right below the Full-Time Result bets.

1. On the app homepage, you will find a list of sports categories. Find the football market and click on it.
2. Find the fixture you want to place a bet on
3. Once of your chosen fixtures page you will see a list of markets. Click on double chance.
4. Choose your double chance bet and enter your stake on the bet slip.
5. When you have inputted your stake, you are ready to confirm your bet. Click the ‘Place Bets’ button.

Which Double Chance Betting App is Best to Use?

It’s a good idea to place these bets with the bookmaker that generally has the best odds for this market, or has enhanced them (compared to the true odds).

It’s your choice. Find the sports event you want to wager on and that you have decided you are going to use the double chance bet! Input their odds in our calculator or check them using the formula we have provided.

We recommend you pick a couple of apps such as bet365 and 888sport, then place your bet with the app that has the best odds. This is definitely worth doing if your bet involves a more than a couple of quid.

Paddy Power are one of our favourites betting sites to place this kind of wager with.

There are a range of betting apps available, take a look at the best for football bets.

This popular bet can be used as a risk-minimising strategy when betting on a match where you can’t decide if a team will win or it will end in a draw, or when you are betting on the underdogs. The odds offered are generally lower than you would get if you placed a match result bet. However, if you choose your fixtures wisely, you will secure winnings and potentially make a profit in the long run.